Though Samsung has quite a lot of decent budget-friendly mid-rangers in its smartphone line-up, the Galaxy M Pro is not one of them. Launched back in fall of 2011, this has gone mostly unnoticed by the tech world, “rocking” a pretty bulky and dated figure, no touchscreen and mainly forgettable tech specs.

Still, for some reason Sammy seems keen to reboot the M Pro “line” with a device known at this time only as the GT-B7810. This is almost certainly a close relative of the original M Pro (dubbed GT-B7800), but not many details are known about it for now.

Out of the things we do know, the running of Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich definitely stands out. Though that’s still one or two software generations behind times, it’s actually pretty darn nice for what we think will be a low-end physical keyboard candybar.


Unfortunately, we can’t say we’re very pleased about a couple of other rumored specs of the second-gen M Pro, namely the 480 x 360 pixels resolution LCD screen and the 1,200 mAh battery. The ticker’s capacity is actually lower than the one powering the first M Pro (1,350 mAh), so that’s definitely not what we’d call evolution or improvement.

Courtesy of some internal FCC approval docs, we also know that the GT-B7810 will be coming with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. The same source lets us have a glimpse at the phone’s design, which is not terribly different than the one of its “ancestor”.

Still, the overall look is a bit sleeker and more elegant this time around, while the most noticeable design tweaks are the moving of Samsung’s logo and the widening of the center navigation key right below the screen.


We don’t know the display’s diagonal size, but based on the leaked pics we’re ready to bet it’ll be around 2.66 inches. As for the body, that looks a bit wider and thinner, although we could be wrong on that.

The cloud of mystery is even thicker when it comes to availability, though we don’t see any reason why Samsung would want to hold on to the B7810 for very long. It’s not like the phone’s specs will be getting better with time, so a March or even February release is definitely on the cards.

Another question is where will Sammy look to capitalize on the popularity of low-enders with physical QWERTY keyboards and the answer probably is anywhere but in the States. That means Europe, Asia and/or South America should be getting this soon. Anyone excited about it there?