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Here are four screenshots showing the GS4's eye and head tracking features

Leaked screenshots show Samsung is going to introduce eye tracking and head tracking in the GS4 next week. The eye tracking will scroll web pages and emails automatically.
March 6, 2013

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is due to be announced in a little over a week. That means the rumor mill is going to be spinning non-stop at a furious pace for the next eight days or so. I got punked earlier this week by @evleaks, apologies for that, but this next leaks seems a bit more legit. Someone who doesn’t want to identify themselves for obvious reasons sent the folks at SamMobile four screenshots that show off the eye tracking and head tracking features in the GS4. I’m only going to embed one screenshot, but you get the idea.

It appears that the eye tracking will enable automatic scrolling for certain applications, meaning it’s not a system wide feature. Chrome looks to be supported, as well as both the Gmail and Email apps, but that’s all we can tell. And as for head tracking, it looks like the GS4 will pause videos if you turn your head away. All of this sounds really neat, but it’s going to be all about the execution.

And in case you haven’t noticed, it looks like TouchWiz hasn’t changed. At all. We’re quite shocked by that, but at the same time we’re not all that surprised. Samsung would rather spend their money adding features upon features to their devices instead of improving their theme. But hey, you never know, maybe Samsung is keeping Nature UX 2.0 a secret as well as they’re keeping the GS4 a secret?

What else do we know about the GS4? The screen will measure 4.99 inches diagnol and do 1080p, the camera will be a 13 megapixel part, and the Exynos 5 Octa will be inside the belly of the beast. That’s it. Anything anyone else tells you is just bunk.