samsung galaxy s4 quick air view aa

As we start to see more features of the Galaxy S4, it looks like this thing is going to be a pretty devastating device. It’s fast, slim, and has a ton of great features! One of the coolest new aspects may just be Group Play, a feature that allows you to share files with other devices in the same group.

Essentially, you create a ‘group’ with one device, and that device then acts as the group leader, so to speak. That lead device can be used to control what is shared, which can be just about anything. The menu in the video below shows documents, music, games, and pictures/video. If you have a group of friends, all with a device capable of the feature, this can also be used to create a surround sound experience. Each phone can also be defined for a specific role. As you see in the video when a song is played, the lead device says “left speaker”. That device can also act as the equalizer for all others, and even control the volume.

Group Play is only available on the S4 right now, but Samsung is working on bringing it to other devices as well. Unfortunately, this is another example of great innovation that is only available on Samsung devices. Well, unfortunate for people who aren’t interested in their products. If they keep this type of thing up, that number will continue to dwindle.

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