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Samsung might be developing a Google Glass competitor, lets you control devices using your thoughts

New patent applications reveal that Samsung may be working on a mind-controlled Google Glass-like device, and a new display technology that tracks eye-movement for control.
November 5, 2012

Comic book and movie fans have probably dreamed of becoming Professor X – without the wheelchair restriction – at one point in time, if only to get a taste of the mutant leader’s ability to control people and objects with his mind.

It seems tech companies have been listening to our childhood fantasies and are developing technology that will enable us to tap into the power of our brain – albeit not at the same out-of-this-world level. But it’s a start!

Patent Bolt has spotted several Samsung patent applications that will provide ways for users to control their electronic devices by using their minds, with the help of a neural activity detector. The technology that Samsung is developing will be able to detect neural activities — such as EEG, EOG, and EMG – and translate those thoughts into actions. This makes for a hands-free operation of a computing device.

Here’s what the rest of the description says: “The electrical signals representative of the neural activity are transmitted via wired or wireless to the control unit. If a predetermined signal is sensed by a detecting device, the same EEG readings may be monitored.” Once the signal hits the system, the control unit will then perform the intended action, allowing users to open file”, “close file”, “clicking”, “paste”, “delete”, and others.

The other patent application is for a mini projector module, one that will allow users to control on-screen cursor and objects by tracking the movement of their eyes. As explained by Patent Bolt, the mini projector “beams two LED lights into the user’s pupils and detects the backlight of the user’s pupils to track the user’s gaze that could control the cursor or objects on the display.”

And as for the kicker, the two patent applications involve the use of a Google Glass-like “head mechanism” that provides “a see-through display visual effect”. Yep, it looks like Google has itself some competition from the Korean manufacturer — that is if the “inventions” ever make it outside the testing labs.

Do you think Samsung is on to something amazing here?

Thanks, Jack!