With the release of the iPhone 4S, Samsung did their part in promoting their own device, the Galaxy S II. Although many people were pretty disappointed by the release of the 4S, Samsung knows that it still poses as a threat in the market. Therefore, they have created a nice little comparison chart that highlights the Samsung Galaxy S II’s triumph over the iPhone 4S. Take a look for yourself below:

Main Differences

Samsung is quick to point out that the Galaxy S II has the following characteristics in which they believe will help the Galaxy S II beat out the iPhone 4S:

  • 4G Capabilities
  • Super AMOLED Plus
  • 4.3-4.5″ Screen
  • Front-Facing 2MP Camera
  • 1080p “High Profile”
  • Weighs Only 4.3 oz
  • Battery = Removable
  • HDTV Remote Control Capable
  • Gingerbread
  • Supports up to 32 GB External Storage
  • Cost is Not Dependent Upon Storage (iPhone Price Goes Up With Storage Increase)


Now that the Nexus Prime has been “re-packed” for awhile, Samsung is using their free time to promote the Galaxy S II. Frankly, they have noted a few key differences and few pieces of bologna. For example, the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S II is 4G capable and the display is larger are the 2 main differences here. On the other hand, adding “High Profile” to 1080p and “preferred 2 to 1” to the display is something that Apple could easily argue against.

Although we agree that this is a pretty un-classy move by the Korean giant, they are only trying to promote their own product.

Source: Computerworld

Matthew Sabatini
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