Samsung Godiva

After a crazy week, packed with CES announcements, launches and exclusive previews, some of you might feel the need to take a breather and forget about tech for a couple of days. However, we don’t even have the luxury to take a half-hour break, as the Android universe never sleeps.

Think that’s just a hollowed-out cliché? Well, how about all the major players that skipped the Las Vegas trade show or that did show up, but didn’t have much to show off? Do you think they don’t have some aces up their sleeves? Do ya, punks fellows?

Here’s one from Samsung, the all-around Android performer of 2012 that was so timid during CES 2013 – the “Godiva” SCH-I425. Doesn’t ring any bells? That’s probably because it’s the first time we’re hearing about both that intriguing codename and the more monotonous model number.

Then again, if you’re up to date with Sammy’s “Galaxy”, you might be familiar with the SCH-I405 or SCH-I415. The former is the original Stratosphere from 2011, while the latter is the second-gen Stratosphere that saw daylight in November 2012.


That leads us to assume that we’re dealing with a third edition Verizon-bound Stratosphere here, but there is one little thing that doesn’t click about that scenario. Following Samsung’s history with this line of mid-range phones, we would expect another Stratosphere in fall of 2013, right? But if that’s the case, why is the device not only in the works already, but also tested for hardware performance?

It does sound a bit odd, so maybe it’s a different gadget altogether. Or, and this is a stretch, someone is just trying to play a prank on us by faking the benchmark test.

As we don’t believe any of those two scenarios to be true, let’s see what the Stratosphere 3 might bring to the table. Based on the GLBenchmark listing, it runs Android 4.1.2 (which could of course change by October or November) and sports a 1,280 x 720 pixels resolution display (unknown diagonal size).

The featuring of an Adreno 305 GPU seems like a certainty too, while the 1.4 GHz SoC might or might not be a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 unit. That doesn’t sound too special compared with all the 1080p quad-core beasts introduced lately, but it is quite the bump over the Stratosphere 2, a 4-incher with a 480 x 800 pix res panel, a 1.2 GHz CPU and an Adreno 225 GPU. Who’s excited?