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Mysterious Samsung GM-901F smartphone passes Bluetooth certification

Samsung's GM-901F has just passed through the Bluetooth certification process, but is this the rumored metal Galaxy F or a European LTE-A smartphone?
July 11, 2014

Samsung already has a few Galaxy S5 variations under its belt, and it looks like another one is not too far away. A Samsung handset with the model number GM-901F has just passed through the Bluetooth certification process, but what sort of handset is it?

There have been plenty of rumors regarding a premium Samsung Galaxy S5 handset, which has been dubbed the Galaxy F, and it is possible that the SM-G901F is indeed a similar handsets in a shiny new case. However, the Galaxy S5 LTE-A (SM-G906X) has also recently been released in South Korea, featuring a slightly improved Snapdragon 805 processor and a new 2K display, which has been rumored to be making its way to Europe as well.

Samsung GM-901F Bluetooth

Rumors are suggesting that the SM-G901F might be a European version of the LTE-A handset. Although Samsung was quick to announce that the Galaxy S5 LTE-A would only be made available in South Korea, there is currently a listing for the SM-G901F on an official Scandinavian Samsung support page, although sadly it doesn’t contain any useful information.


However, a user agent profile and shipping report for the same SM-G901F model shows only a FullHD display device destined for Europe, albeit taken from sample model for R&D purposes, which doesn’t match up with the higher resolution LTE-A smartphone launched in Korea. Instead, it looks like the G901F will come with a 1080p display, but the 2.5GHz processor speed doesn’t rule out the high speed LTE-A Snapdragon 805 SoC. Whatever this handset is, it looks to be heading to Europe.

For once, I am a little stumped for specs before a handset release. We could be looking at the metal Galaxy F, some slightly altered LTE-A smartphone for Europe, or perhaps even another one of Samsung’s Galaxy spin-off projects. Fortunately, Bluetooth certification usually signifies that we are close to an official announcement, hopefully Samsung will shed some light on this soon.