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First detailed looked at Samsung Gear VR management software

Lending further credence to the rumors that Samsung is preparing to release a Gear VR headset, SamMobile has managed to get its hands on the Gear VR's companion app.
July 24, 2014

We’ve heard several rumors as of late that point to an upcoming virtual reality headset from Samsung that essentially works as an Android-based “budget” Oculus Rift-type device. Most recently we had learned that Oculus would be providing Samsung with the software and we even saw an early look at what the Samsung Gear VR reportedly looks like. Now, thanks to SamMobile, we are getting a detailed look at the Gear VR companion app that will be installed on compatible Galaxy handsets.

While SamMobile managed to get their hands on the Android app, it’s important to note that many of the core apps downloaded by the Gear VR setup wizard will not work without the headset such as VR Panorama and VR Cinema. Thankfully the actual VR Manager (dubbed HMT Manager) loads up just fine.


As you can see in the screenshots, there are several interesting features here including an optional Warning Alert that is designed to tell you every hour that you have once again spent way too much time stuck in a virtual world. Additionally there’s an undock alert, a screen timeout option and a calibration setting that will let you set up your Galaxy device to work properly with the Gear VR.

Honestly, the software itself isn’t all that exciting, but it makes it pretty obvious that the Gear VR is more than just a rumor. The software also confirms a few things about the headset, such as the fact it utilizes the sensors and other components of a compatible Galaxy handset over USB 3.0. Furthermore, the setup and help sections of these apps confirm the look of the Gear VR and the fact that the headset features a touchpad and a back button on the right side.


As for when Samsung will take the wraps of the Gear VR? While we can’t say for sure, a previous rumor claimed it could launch alongside the Note 4 at IFA. With the recent increase in Gear VR rumors and leaks, we wouldn’t be too surprised if this proves correct.

What do you think of the Gear VR, like the idea or not? Will Samsung have more luck with the VR headset than it has with other wearables like the Gear watch family?