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The Samsung Gear S has a keyboard, and it's Fleksy!

Yes, the Gear S does come with a keyboard. Samsung has partnered with Fleksy to cater to the needs of this standalone smartwatch's users.
September 3, 2014

The Samsung Gear S became one of the most interesting smartwatches for a single reason – it comes with SIM slot, making it a standalone wearable. It needs no smartphone or tablet connection in order to work, bringing us to the next question. How do you offer a full experience without good text input (aside from voice controls)? You simply can’t.

The Korean manufacturer will need a keyboard that is both full and intuitive, as typing in a 2-inch screen will be no easy fit. Samsung has partnered with Fleksy to cater to the needs of this standalone smartwatch’s users. Fleksy has proven to be one of the best options for the Galaxy Gear and the Gear 2, making this an ideal partnership.


What makes Fleksy Keyboard the best option

If any mobile keyboard is to prove worthy of competing against Swiftkey’s predictive technology, it’s Fleksy. This magical keyboard makes great predictions and allows you to type the correct words even if you miss every single letter.

This and other characteristics make it an ideal keyboard for a device so small you are bound to have a hard time hitting a specific key. In the smartphone version you can even type without pulling out the keyboard at all! Granted you know the overall layout of keyboards. Check out a demonstration in the video embedded right below.

“This is a big milestone for Fleksy, and we plan to solidify our position as the leading typing technology for smart devices over the coming months.” -Ioannis Verdelis, Founder and CEO of Fleksy.

We are not sure the Samsung Gear S will get every single one of these features, but it will come as the stock keyboard in the device. Fleksy goes on to mention they will not abandon the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, with a “major update” coming soon.

Demos are provided at the showfloor, so we are now off to get you all the goodies!


Fleksy partners with Samsung to bring its keyboard to Samsung Gear S

First OEM partnership for Fleksy keyboard

SAN FRANCISCO — September 03, 2014 — Fleksy, the fastest keyboard in the world, announced a partnership with Samsung today to bring its keyboard to the newly launched Samsung Gear S smartwatch.

The partnership makes Fleksy the only fully integrated third-party keyboard on Gear S on launch day, allowing users to type in every app right from their wrist. Through the partnership, Fleksy will be available for free for all Gear S users.

“We are delighted to announce our first OEM partnership today, and we are excited to be part of the Samsung ecosystem” said Ioannis Verdelis, Founder and CEO of Fleksy. “This is a big milestone for Fleksy, and we plan to solidify our position as the leading typing technology for smart devices over the coming months”.

Fleksy confirmed it will also continue support for its Fleksy Messenger app, available for Samsung Gear 2 and

Gear 2 Neo smartwatches, with a major update coming soon. “With thousands of daily downloads of Fleksy Messenger, we are already publishing one of the Top 3 selling apps of the Gear ecosystem” said Kosta Eleftheriou, Founder and CEO of Fleksy. “We are very excited by the growth of the wearable tech market, and proud Fleksy has already established itself as the leader for typing on watches”.

Fleksy confirmed that it will be providing demonstrations of its keyboard on Samsung Gear S during the IFA trade show taking place in Berlin this week.

About Fleksy

Fleksy is a next-generation keyboard powered by patent-pending technology that makes typing on any device fast, accurate and so easy you can even type without looking. Fleksy recently broke the Guinness World Record for fastest typing on a touchscreen keyboard (May 2014).

Its unique language algorithm founded on Geometric Intelligence moves beyond text prediction and autocorrect, to give a much more accurate and easier typing experience than last-generation keyboards.

Winner of the prestigious “Golden Apple” award, Fleksy is the first keyboard to enable full-speed typing by blind iPhone users. Winner of the 2013 CES “Innovations Design and Engineering Award”, Fleksy is also the first keyboard app to be shipped on a SmartWatch, the first to arrive on iOS, the first to work on 3D gesture systems (Leap Motion) and the first app developer to integrate with the Samsung Gear 2.

Fleksy’s award-winning design and technology is backed by venture capital including Highland Capital Partners and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. To learn more about Fleksy, visit

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