Samsung has a great reputation for designing both expensive high-end smartphones and budget-friendly entry-level devices, but when it comes to naming said gadgets the Koreans could need some help.

The branding confusion struck Sammy’s higher end material big-time this year, but starting in 2013 things are to get even more tangled in the low-end niche. A device going by the name of the Galaxy Young Duos is set to be the apple of discord (no pun intended).

The Young Duos will be on display at the MWC 2013 in February and should start selling immediately after, according to SamMobile, a pretty reliable source of such rumors usually. The device’s model number is GT-S6312 and apparently it’s not to be mistaken with the Galaxy Y Duos, aka GT-S6102.

Galaxy Y Duos

But how can one not confuse the two when the Y Duos, as well as the plain Galaxy Y (aka S5360), have been also called the Young Duos and Young ever since their late 2011 and early 2012 releases? Food for thought, right?

Anyways, as far as specs go, we know nothing certain at the moment about the new Galaxy Young Duos. Still, the Dual-SIM device is said to be mid-end, unlike the old Y Duos, which was as low-end as smartphones get nowadays, with an 832 MHz CPU, Android 2.3, 290 MB of RAM and a 3.15 MP camera.

Rumor also has it that the Young Duos will be made available in two color schemes – Grayish Blue and White – while the existence of a “normal”, single-SIM version is still in question. Anyone excited about this new Samsung phone? How about confused?

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