Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Where do we draw the lines when it comes to the size of the so-called phablets? For some of us, the idea of using a phone that is 5-inches or larger seems less than appealing. Others gladly flock to monster smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Everyone is different, but is there a size that is too big?

How about 10.1-inches? If you’ve always dreamed of a 10.1-inch monster phablet, your wish is granted – sort of. A new mod from the XDA Developers forum allows Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 users to easily transform their tablets into voice calling devices.

Why would you want to do this? Holding a Note 2 to your ear already looks pretty massive, but a full-sized tablet? Pairing a good bluetooth headset with the Tab 10.1 could make for a portable calling solution that wouldn’t replace your smartphone, but would make a great backup line.

Having this backup line could prove handy if your smartphone dies and you absolutely need to make a call right away. The Tab 10.1 could also make a great conference call device. The possibilities are only limited to your own imagination.

Does this voice calling mod have a catch? Somewhat, there are a few limitations.

The mod currently exists in the form of three ICS and one Jelly Bean build. You will also need to have the 3G version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The only known bug that is worth mentioning  is that you might need to drop to 2G in order to get calls to work correctly.

Are you interested in turning your Tab 10.1 into the world’s biggest phablet?

Andrew Grush

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