What was once a stranger, now it wouldn’t be too much to call the Samsung Galaxy Stellar as an old chum, what with the amount of information we’ve had of the Verizon-bound phone in recent days. After the leak last week that gave away the phone’s price (on-contract), new details of the phone can be found on Best Buy’s website.

That’s right – the retailer didn’t want to wait any longer for Verizon to make the Galaxy Stellar official, as the phone’s product page is already up. You can’t make the purchase just yet, but at least this gives the chance to see what else the Stellar is hiding under the hood.

We’re going to start with what we already knew. For instance, the phone’s 4-inch display is no longer a secret. But now we have confirmation that it will sport a 800 x 480 resolution. Instead of the expected dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, the Stellar will have to make do with 1.2GHz. Other features of the phone include 1GB RAM, 4GB internal storage, microSD card slot, 3.2MP rear camera, 1.3MP front-facing camera, 4G connectivity.

While the phone is expected to go on sale for $99 with a Verizon contract, the phone will cost $449.99 without one.