The Galaxy S8 teething problems continue as today we learn that some of the devices are restarting by themselves. Galaxy S8 owners have taken to the XDA Developers forums and the Samsung US community page to post about the issue, and it seems like its affecting the Galaxy S8 Plus too.

The Samsung community site thread has received more than 100 replies; the person who started it reports 7 restarts in his/her first 10 hours with the device. There are lots of solutions being thrown around but most relate to microSD cards — if you are encountering this problem and are a using a microSD card, it might be worth removing it to see if that solves the issue (as a temporary fix). Others have reported the issue without microSD card use, however.

Though it’s not uncommon for smartphones to require a restart or two when they’re fresh out the box, to install any patches or bugfixes which have been addressed after shipping, this doesn’t appear to be the cause of the current automatic restart problems.

Meanwhile, Samsung started rolling out a fix for the S8’s red screen issue yesterday, and you can find a suggestion for the Bixby button problem at the link.

It’s possible that Samsung will push and over-the-air fix for the restarts in the coming days, but if you’re experiencing them, you might want to contact its support team to see what they have to say.

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