The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a handsome 3,000 mAh battery that should keep your phone alive for long, but we all know how those weekend adventures can get. We often find ourselves needing more than the average work day’s worth of juice. This is when accessories like the new ZeroLemon ZeroShock 7500mAh Rugged Extended Battery Case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 come in handy.

We recently reported on the Galaxy S7 Edge version, which happens to be a little bigger at 8,500 mAh, but the S7 version is more than good enough. After all, this battery case has over 2 times more juice than the Galaxy S7’s internal battery. It should make your phone last over a day or two.

zerolemon-galaxy-s7-2But of course, these cases always come with a huge downsize, which is… the size. This thing is huge! Once strapped into your phone, the combined duo will measure 165.1 x 83 x 21.1 mm. On its own, the Samsung Galaxy S7 measures 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm.

The ZeroShock case is also not the prettiest, but what it lacks in aesthetics it makes up in functionality. Aside from giving you plenty of battery power to throw around, ZeroLemon promises great protection and shock absorption thanks to its multi-layered design. This thing looks, feels and acts like a tank.

Let’s talk about the real damage, though – the price. These cases don’t usually come cheap. This specific one is priced at $99.99, but you can currently have it for $59.99 from Amazon. Not a bad deal if you treasure battery life like we do. Are any of you signing up?

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