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New video details Samsung Galaxy S6 edge production

May 1, 2015

There’s little denying that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the most stunning phones Samsung has ever built, from a design perspective at the very least. This is even more so with the case of the GS6 edge, which offers a dual-edge design that is like nothing else currently on the market.

Even though the S6 Edge is already selling briskly and Samsung is having trouble keeping up with the demand, Samsung is still doing its part to keep the hype up that’s surrounding the latest and greatest from the Korean giant. In a new advert, Samsung showcases the Edge and talks about all the work and materials that go into the design of the GS6 Edge. The technical details here are actually somewhat lacking, but it’s still a nice video that gets the point across. We do learn that Samsung bends the Gorilla Glass on the front at 800°C and that they utilize aerospace grade aluminum for the frame but that’s about as far as it goes.

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What do you think of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge? Worth the premium over its more ‘standard’ brother, the Galaxy S6? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.