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Target offering Samsung Galaxy S5 for $100 with contract, after trade-in

For a limited time, Target is giving at least $100 in trade-in credit for a variety of handsets when you buy a Galaxy S5, this includes taking many older devices like the OG Galaxy Note.
April 7, 2014

The Galaxy S5 is getting ready to touch down in the United States, with the average price somewhere between $199 and $249 with a contract, depending on the carrier. Of course just because that’s the ‘set’ carrier pricing, doesn’t mean there isn’t deals to be had.

For those willing to purchase the handset from Target, you can get the Galaxy S5 for just $100 after signing a two-year contract with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon. The catch? Target is actually selling the phone for $200, but if you trade-in your existing handset you’ll get at least $100 off.

As you might expect, Target isn’t taking just any phone, though all devices found in their database will be excepted and given the $100 discount — provided it still powers up and has no broken components. This includes handsets like the HTC One X, which normally only nets $50. Some other qualifying devices include the Galaxy S3, the original Galaxy Note, and even several ‘ancient’ devices like the Sony Xperia Play 4G.

Target’s promotion officially kicks off on April 11th and ends on the 19th, though you’ll have to do the trade-in directly at a Target store to qualify for the guaranteed $100 discount. So is the discount worth trading in your phone for? Really it depends on what handset you are giving up. If it is something 2 years or less in age, you probably could get more by selling it online, though some folks might find it easier to just hand it over to Target and be done with it.

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What do you think of Target’s promotion, interested in picking up the Galaxy S5 while getting rid of an older handset?