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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S5 will be waterproof and dustproof, no 'Active' model required

You might have already heard rumors suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active is on its way. Now a new report has surfaced, claiming that the standard version of the Galaxy S5 will also feature waterproof and dustproof functionality.
October 7, 2013
galaxy s4 vs galaxy s4 active aa active water resistance

You might have already heard rumors suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active is on its way, but that’s not the only ruggedized handset that Samsung has in the works – at least if a new rumor proves true.

According to a new report from Korean-based ET News, the Samsung Galaxy S5 may also feature water and dustproof functionality. Unlike the S4 Active and Note 3 Active, Samsung is supposedly adding these ruggedized features to the default model of the GS5.

As you know, many of Sony’s handsets ship with water/dustproofing out of the box, including the recently unveiled Sony Xperia Z1. If the rumor proves true, that means Samsung is essentially taking a page out of Sony’s playbook.

So why change up their design now? As it turns out, the Galaxy S4 Active has proven considerably more popular than Samsung realized it would be. Samsung may also feel that switching to a ruggedized design will help the company shake the image of its devices being “less premium” than some of its competitors.

ETN’s sources further indicate that Samsung is experimenting with new materials and may even make some changes in its supply chain, all in the effort of building better ruggedized handsets than the competition. Of course, this is all just a rumor at this point, so speculation is advised.

Is the rumor believable, though? Maybe. Switching to a ruggedized approach for all of its flagship devices would require a major change in design philosophy on Samsung’s part, but it’s obviously quite doable as Sony has been creating sleek, sexy ruggedized handsets for a while now. For now, all we can do is wait and see.

What do you think, would you like to see Samsung switch to producing ruggedized flagship devices?