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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and Google Play Edition both reportedly receive Bluetooth Certification

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and GP Edition may have both passed through Bluetooth SIG.
May 16, 2014
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Samsung is notorious for releasing a flagship handset only to introduce several new variants just a few months later, though to be fair they are far from the only Android manufacturer to do this.

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 now on the scene, the rumor mill claims its only a matter of time before spin-offs starting show up including an Active version, a higher-end “Prime” variant and even a Google Play Edition. Speaking of the latter two, we’ve already seen leaks and rumors that point to their existence, and now both handsets have reportedly passed through Bluetooth SIG as well.

Galaxy S5 Prime passes through Bluetooth SIG

Let’s start with the Galaxy S5 Prime. Even before the Galaxy S5 was released, rumors claimed this device would feature a QHD display, higher-end specs than the standard GS5 and perhaps even a metallic body. Even after the GS5 was announced, the rumors of the handset have yet to die.

More recently, @evleaks suggested the Prime would arrive with the model number SM-G906 and that it would come in black, white, gold, blue and pink. Interestingly enough, the Bluetooth SIG has now approved the Samsung SM-G906L, which could certainly be a variant of the Galaxy S5 Prime if @evleaks claims prove correct.

Unfortunately, the Bluetooth SIG appearance tells us nothing else, though it does lend credence to the idea that the GS5 Prime is in the works, regardless of Samsung’s denials.


More evidence of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition

Turning to the Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition, we first caught wind of the GP Edition’s existence when a goof-up on Google Play’s device page revealed the image of a GS5 on the listing for the Galaxy S4 GPE. Since then, both Google and Samsung have been mum on the situation.

Thankfully, the SM-G900FG has now received Bluetooth Certification, hinting that the GS5 GPe is really on its way. For those that don’t know, the standard Galaxy S5 is listed as model SM-G900F, so the addition of a “G” could very well mean that this is the rumored Google Play variant. Of course, that’s really just speculation, but it seems like a reasonable enough conclusion.

So when might we see these devices confirmed? While we can’t say for sure, it’s possible that Samsung could take the wraps off of them at their upcoming Samsung Premiere Event on June 12th. While the main focus of the event is said to be the Galaxy Tab S line, it’s not impossible to think that they could also have a few handset-related surprises up their sleeves.

What do you think, still interested in the Galaxy S5 Prime? Or is the Google Play Edition more your cup of tea?