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Samsung Galaxy S5 UK and EU pre-orders spotted

Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S5 have appeared at two online retailers, with the handset priced around £550.00 and €729.00. That works out to around USD $1000!
February 28, 2014
samsung galaxy s5 x aa 2

We already know that Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 will launch in 150 counties all around the world, and that it will start shipping out on April 11th, alongside the new Gear 2. Until now however, we weren’t sure exactly how much the Galaxy S5 would cost. There had been rumors circulating that the GS5 would be priced a little cheaper than previous Galaxy generations, but sadly that doesn’t appear to be the case.

UK-based retailer Clove has just listed the Galaxy S5 on its website, with a pre-order price tag of £458.33 (or £550.00 once you’ve added on the VAT) for the 16GB contract free option. Converting the pre-VAT price directly into US dollars gives us a value of approximately $766. This is a little more expensive than older Galaxy handsets, the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 both launched around the $600 mark (or about $199.99 on contract), although in terms of UK pricing it seems rather similar to the Galaxy S4’s launch value. Of course, price strategies and tax differs from country to country, so the Galaxy S5 may be a little closer to Samsung’s standard pricing model by the time it officially reaches the US.

It’s also worth noting that there’s a condition attached on this page, it still says that “official price is to be confirmed”. So is Clove just guessing at the likely retail price?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Amazon Spain

Well, Amazon Spain also has the Samsung Galaxy S5 listed on its website, but for a more expensive €729.00 (£600) with tax, which works out to roughly $1005! Although again this is listed with the proviso that if prices fall before the launch date, the customer will only pay the lowest price. Again, the real USD price is likely to end up slightly cheaper than converting Euro prices directly, once tax and other costs are factored in.

Even if these don’t turn out to be the final prices, retailers seems to be expecting that the Galaxy S5 will launch with a slightly heftier price tag than its predecessors. What do you make of these initial prices for the Galaxy S5?