sweet pink samsung galaxy s5

Samsung announced it broke a new record with the release of the Galaxy S5, for the fastest rollout of a single smartphone model ever.

Concluding the rollout that started on April 11 is the version of the Galaxy S5 pictured above. Dubbed “Sweet Pink” or “Sweet Metallic Rose”, this version of the flagship is headed to Japan’s NTT DoCoMo. Not to be mistaken with the “Warm Shiny Gold” version offered by rival carrier KDDI, “Sweet Pink” will be exclusive to DoCoMo, and Samsung did not specify whether other markets would eventually get it.

Getting back to the record, Samsung claims that the 35 days rollout of the Galaxy S5 (completing tomorrow, May 15) is the fastest rollout ever for any single smartphone model. Counting Japan, the number of countries where the Galaxy S5 is available is now 150.

Information on worldwide rollouts is hard to come by, so we’ll have to take Samsung’s word on it. But if there’s any company in the world that would be able to pull off this feat, it’s Samsung, with its carrier clout, global presence, and unmatched logistic expertise.

We've come a long way

Just a few years ago, such an achievement would’ve been a pipe dream for Samsung. For instance, the company announced the Galaxy S2 in February 2011 and only released it in the United States from September. The release of the Galaxy S3, while far smoother, was spoiled by problems with the phone’s plastic back cover; the mistake reportedly cost Samsung sales of two million units. As sales rose, so did Samsung’s ability to ship devices in record time. By the time the Galaxy S4 was released, Samsung was already a well-oiled machined, and the company further improved its game with the Galaxy S5.

While the S5 release was smoother than ever, Samsung may be having a harder time selling its flagship. According to a report from South Korea, the company shipped 10 million units of the device in 25 days, two days less than in the case of the Galaxy S4. Compared to past milestones, that is a sign that Samsung’s ability to sell smartphones is approaching a plateau, and market saturation is likely one of the main reasons.

Bogdan Petrovan
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