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The Samsung Galaxy S5 seems to have been receiving some mixed responses regarding the handset’s appearance, so perhaps a closer look at the handset’s design is in order, to help you make up your mind.

The Galaxy S5 will ship in four different color varieties, the traditional Shimmer White from previous Samsung Galaxy handsets, Electric Blue, Charcoal Black, and the newest addition Copper Gold. Each of the different color variants features the same perforated back, doing away with the plastic from previous generations.

The Shimmer White certainly keeps the GS5 looking more a like a traditional Galaxy handset, and arguably has the least noticeable perforations on the back, if you’re worried about that sort of thing. The Charcoal Black, or should we call it grey, is also a long running color scheme in Samsung’s Galaxy S series of handsets.

The Electric Blue borrows its design from last generation’s Galaxy S4 Active, which is certainly the most vibrant of the color options. Finally, the new Copper Gold variation carries on the trend of gold tinted smartphones that we’ve been seeing lately, which could go down well in Asian countries where golden handsets seem to be particularly popular. All of the handsets feature a silver edge around the device.

If you’d like a closer look at each of the color variations, check out our high res image gallery below.

samsung galaxy s5 smartphones color options 5 samsung galaxy s5 smartphones color options 3 samsung galaxy s5 smartphones color options 7 samsung galaxy s5 smartphones color options 1 samsung galaxy s5 smartphones color options 6 samsung galaxy s5 smartphones color options 4 samsung galaxy s5 smartphones color options 2 samsung galaxy s5 gold back cover battery 5samsung galaxy s5 black blue aa 8 samsung galaxy s5 black blue aa 4 samsung galaxy s5 black blue aa 11 Samsung Galaxy S5 aa 1

Let us know what you think of the GS5’s design in the comments section below.

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