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Earlier this week, reports started surfacing about issues that some Samsung Galaxy S5 users were facing with their cameras failing on their brand new devices. While most of the complaints have come from Verizon users, reportedly at least a few AT&T and Vodafone users have also been plagued by the same issue.

When you buy a new device you expect occasional software hiccups, but it’s pretty irritating when something as important as the camera fails completely on you after only a few days. The good news is that Samsung and Verizon have responded to this issue already, and hopefully other carriers follow suit with their own PR announcements.

For Verizon’s part, they tweeted the above statement, making it clear that they’ll resolve the problem, even if they have to replace the phone. Samsung has also confirmed that they are aware of this issue, and says they are actively working to assist those that run into the problem. They also ask that customers call 1-888-987-4357 for help or visit their carrier to arrange an exchange.

At the time, it’s unclear just how widespread this issue is, though it does mean that buying a new Galaxy S5 could prove to be a gamble of sorts, even if Samsung and its partnering carriers will help you work through the problem if you run into it.

What do you think, are these type of problems to be expected when a new device launches, or should Samsung have done more to ensure that it’s hardware and accompanying software were working well enough to prevent such issues?

Andrew Grush
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