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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active unique features detailed

New videos from TK Tech News have divulged more information about the Galaxy S5 Active's unique features, including a barometer and a compass.
May 22, 2014

We’ve been hearing bits and pieces about the Galaxy S5 Active over the past couple of weeks. Now, TK Tech News has managed to nab a developer version of the smartphone, and has uploaded a few videos detailing its unique features and how it compares with the original Galaxy S5. Here’s everything that I’ve managed to glean from the videos.

There are three hardware buttons on the front for main navigation, just like the Galaxy S4 Active, although this means that the GS5 Active loses Samsung’s fingerprint scanning functionality. The AMOLED display apparently remains intact this time around, the Galaxy S4 Active opted for an LCD panel, and also appears to be a tiny bit larger in the Active version. The heart rate monitor also carries over to the Active version.

Other hardware specs have not been confirmed yet, but some details appeared on GFXBench the other day, as well is an in some other videos by TK Tech. As for the device’s design, the Active is apparently a tiny bit slimmer than the original Galaxy S5. Finally, the side of the smartphone is built from metal this time around, combined with some hard rubber for additional damage resistance.

Samsung is also throwing in some additional software features with the Active, which are housed within the new Activity Zone App. Here you’ll find a barometer, compass, and an adjustable flashlight app, which might come in very handy if you’re ever lost in a cave.

The device’s Active key, the one you’d usually use to take a picture with, can be configured in the options menu. Long or short presses can be set to launch specific apps, or you can just leave it take a pictures, which is the default setting. You can have a quick look at the Activity Zone in the video below.

The other big change comes to the Galaxy S5 Active’s camera, which appears to now include Optical Image Stabilisation. Comparing footage captured with regular and Active GS5s, there’s a noticeable improvement to the stability of the Active version. At this stage, it’s not clear whether or not this means that the Active will drop Samsung’s ISOCELL image sensor. The inclusion of OIS can’t be completely confirmed at this point, so I’ll leave the video below for you to make up your own minds.

It might not be long until the videos are taken down, so I’ve grabbed a few screenshots too, just in case.

Overall, the Galaxy S5 Active looks like a pretty feature rich handset, which makes very few compromises on the original flagship. What do you think about the rugged handset so far?