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The HTC and Samsung official Twitter accounts have been quite a sight in the past few days, with ironic tweets exchanged between the two parties. And then came the silence of deleted tweets.

Apparently, it all started with the HTC Twitter account posting the tweet below about Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch event:

Pretty strong stuff, isn’t it? Especially the “next big flop” part. Well, Samsung didn’t seem to think so, because there was no reply straight away.

That is, until the official Samsung Mobile UK account replied to a Twitter user, with the very kind words “four is always better than one.” Making sure the HTC One reference is heard where it should be, the administrator of the Twitter account didn’t forget to cc his HTC UK counterpart.

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Now, you didn’t expect HTC to leave things like that, did you? The answer, just as ironic, was “plastic is not fantastic, my friend!” With an #HTCOne hashtag attached, of course.

Some Samsung and HTC executives must have noticed what their Twitter page admins were doing, because the Tweets, dated March 20, have since disappeared, and the user they were replying to has made his account private. It must have been too much, even if executives of the two companies themselves had no problem deriding each other after that same event.

What can you say, competition leads to funny things. Do you think any of them actually had a point in this dispute?

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