Galaxy S4

HTC looked in terrific strategic form when scheduling the London/NY twin unveiling events of the One (aka M7) for February 19, but we’re starting to think that won’t be enough to steal the spotlight from Samsung.

The Galaxy S4 is to be kept under wraps for another month or so and won’t go up for sale until April at the earliest, which should give HTC some alone time in the limelight, right? Not necessarily, because with the S4 rumor mill at full throttle, most Android aficionados might forget about the One launch entirely.

And boy, what rumor-fest we have going on. The first GS4 benchmark popped up less than 72 hours ago, followed by a story that seemed to confirm the featuring of a gesture-based interface. And now we have another benchmark, starring the supposed Verizon-bound version of the super-phone, model number SCH-I545.


With Verizon’s S3 also dubbed SCH-I535, there’s almost no doubt in our minds this new I545 is the S4. What we could question is the reliability of the NenaMark 2 benchmark, although everything does seem to check out.

In line with previous leaks and speculations, the GS4 is again listed as packing a 1,920 x 1,080 Full HD screen and a 1.9 GHz processor. The CPU’s model and make are not mentioned, but, judging by the Qualcomm Adreno 320 GPU, it’s most likely a quad-core Snapdragon.

Although the featuring of an “old” S4 Pro SoC clocked at a never before seen 1.9 GHz is still a possibility, some sources tell us that, if Sammy will go the Qualcomm way, it will do so for a spanking new Snapdragon 600 APQ8064T CPU.


Now, it might be weird to hear that Samsung is planning to reach out to a competitor instead of going for a “homebrewed” Exynos chip, but you might remember a little phone called the Galaxy S3. Last year’s flagship device used an Exynos Quad only in certain parts of the world, with the North American versions powered by a dual-core Krait from… Qualcomm.

So it all fits together, but here’s what doesn’t – the 58.70 NenaMark 2 result. That’s super close to GNote 2’s scores, which doesn’t sound right. The Korean GS4 blew the Note 2 out of the water in GLBenchmark, so why should this new test be any different?

Oh, well, the truth is out there, and, while we may not have the full story yet, we promise you we won’t rest until seeing all the pieces of the puzzle falling into place. In the meantime, let the speculations begin. Again. Will the S4 come rocking a 1.9 GHz Snapdragon 600 processor? And if so, will that be enough to not disappoint you?