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Samsung posts new "beautiful" and "totally amazing" Galaxy S4 teaser

Samsung just released the second video teaser for the Galaxy S4, starring the Jeremy, who gets to take the device home. Little Jeremy thinks the device is "beautiful" and "totally amazing"
March 11, 2013
samsung galaxy s4 teaser

Oh Sammy, you tease. You sure like to keep us guessing till the last moment.

Last week, we’ve seen the first episode of the Galaxy S4 teaser trailer campaign, starring a freckled 10-year boy named Jeremy, who gets to take home the next big thing itself. Reactions to the teaser were mixed, but Samsung is obviously not worried about that, as it just published the second episode, which is focused on the same character.

Little Jeremy takes home the big white box with the Galaxy S4, and gets to spend some quality time with the “beautiful” phone. Of course, we couldn’t expect Samsung to actually show us a glimpse of the device coming March 14, but hey, we are not mad. That’s how teasers should be.

We can learn from the video that the Galaxy S4 is “beautiful”, Jeremy’s favorite color, and “unreal, totally amazing”. Some Oreo biscuits make a guest appearance for some reason, although we can’t figure out why.

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