Seeing that the Samsung Galaxy S4 had only been unveiled for a few hours, we won’t blame you if you have yet to digest all there is to know of Samsung’s latest flagship phone. One thing for sure, the Korean really is going all out in packing the device with so many unnecessary software features.

But if it’s the hardware that gets you going, particularly the inside bits, we have just the thing to keep you amused. From the folks who first leaked high-res pictures of the phone, and then made videos detailing some of its features — feast your eyes on the bits and pieces that make up the Galaxy S4.


We’re sure some of you are pretty curious to see how Samsung manages to cram everything inside the phone’s thin 7.9 mm chassis, so enjoy the teardown pictures. Note that this is the dual-SIM variant of the S4, one that also might just be an early prototype. Still, we doubt that the inside of the final version is going to be drastically different.

Hit the link below for more gadget porn. If you’re looking for our hands-on preview, head here.

Bams Sadewo

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