What’s the first thing you would do with your brand new Galaxy S4? Why test out just how scratch-resistant the screen is of course, by assaulting it with an assortment of common household items. Youtube user Szabolcs Ignacz has uploaded a video of just such a test, so all thanks go out to him for this one.

Fortunately the Galaxy S4’s display is built using Corning’s new tougher Gorilla Glass 3, which should give it a fighting chance.

All of the important tests are included; common pocket-bound items such as keys and coins, as well as a more deliberate attempt to damage the screen with a steak knife.

Let’s watch.

Looks like the Samsung Galaxy S4’s screen holds up very well, it’s really quite impressive. Hopefully we’ll see a few more top of the line smartphones and tablets outfitted with these super strong protective displays in the near future.