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Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature plastic casing, according to Eldar Murtazin

After several benchmarks and numerous stories focused only on Galaxy S4's specs and hardware, it’s time to turn to something that could really make or break the “next big thing” – design.
March 4, 2013
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Samsung Galaxy S4’s D-Day is nearing, and, as expected, the rumor mill is grinding at full throttle. But after several benchmarks and numerous stories focused only on specs and hardware, it’s time to turn to something that could really make or break the “next big thing” – design. Specifically, build materials.

You’ve probably noticed that, as much as the GS4 has been leaked lately, the big guy’s looks have been very neatly kept under wraps. There’ve been a few renders and depictions thrown around, but for the most part these have been guesses or “what ifs”.

Meanwhile, not one word has been mentioned of the phone’s build materials, although Sammy seemed to (faintly) hint at GS4’s body being made out of glossy plastic. And as bad of an idea that sounds, it’s still the best guess we have so far.

Only now it’s more than just a guess. It’s a full-fledged possibility, based on an account of Eldar Murtazin’s first interaction with the S4. Wait, what? There’s someone out there that has already seen the phone? It appears so, though we have our doubts.


If we are to blindly trust Murtazin, Samsung showed off the plastic S4 behind closed doors at MWC to a bunch of selected members of the press. The Russian is the guy to invite at these sorts of things, so it’s definitely likely he was there. We also heard a long time ago that the S4 was going to make a similar appearance at CES, so everything checks out.

Murtazin is even the first source to tell us about the March 14 New York unveiling event and we all know that rumor proved legit. And yet we can’t just forget about one of the few black spots on the journalist’s excellent record of leaking stories before anyone else.

And, what a coincidence, that black spot involved the build materials of the last Samsung flagship, the S3. No ceramic for last year’s big kahuna, so maybe no plastic for this year’s? We certainly hope so, especially when hearing Murtazin that “all the weaknesses that are widely discussed for Galaxy S3 will be carried over to this product”.

With HTC’s One built out of premium aluminum, Samsung can’t really afford to miss the mark on S4’s design, can it? And yeah, we know, there are different kinds of plastics, polymers and so on, but the fact of the matter is that metal is better. It just is.

As for the numero uno controversial GS4 spec – the processor or processors – Murtazin seems to think the super-phone will be after all released in several versions with different chipsets, including one from Qualcomm. Okay, but will one of the others pack the Exynos 5 Octa? Sorry, but we’ll just have to wait and see.