Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has been out on the market for less than four months. The iPhone 5 is going to hit store shelves this Friday.

And guess what? We just got our very first Galaxy S4 rumor courtesy of The Korea Times. They say that Samsung is going to announce the next Galaxy at Mobile World Congress 2013, it’ll start shipping in March, and that it’s going to have a 5 inch screen. Apparently Samsung decided on launching the GS4 at MWC 2013 just three days after Apple announced the iPhone 5. We have to remind you, this is a rumor, so take these “facts” with a pinch of salt.

Curiously, the source goes on to say that the next Galaxy will continue using a quad-core chip. That’s a bid odd considering that the ARM Cortex A15 is going to be all the rage next year. The first chips to use ARM’s latest generation processors will be dual-core variants, simply because the A15 uses way more power than the A9. As a reminder: The GS3 has four ARM Cortex A9 cores inside. Does this mean the GS4 will also have four A9 cores inside or is Samsung insane enough to use four A15 cores? Again, we don’t know.

Circling back to the screen size, we know some of you are rolling your eyes at the 5-inch display, but you shouldn’t. Earlier this year, another South Korean handset vendor, Pantech, announced a device called the Vega S5. It has a 5 inch display, but the phone itself is physically smaller than the GS3 because it makes use of thinner bezels and because the company decided to not put any buttons on the front of the device.

We certainly do hope that Samsung gives up putting home buttons on their phones. We’re huge fans of the Galaxy Nexus, so we can only imagine what a supercharged version of that would look like.

Cue the awkward drooling noises.