Seeing that it was never expected in the first place, we’re not too disappointed about the Samsung Galaxy S4 not making a cameo at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

While Las Vegas hasn’t brought us any information about the smartphone, a new report from Samsung’s home country reveals that the Galaxy S4 might be unveiled earlier, with March being put down as the tentative date.

The date was revealed by a Samsung official, who also said that the company is still deciding whether to officially launch its next flagship device in South Korea, America, or the UK. If you remember, Samsung held a coming out party for the Galaxy S3 in the UK in May 2012, so there’s a good chance that they may try to recreate the magic the second time around.

Speaking of rumors – maybe, just maybe, that dodgy-looking invitation isn’t a fake after all? Nah. What we do know for sure is the Galaxy S4 name has been confirmed. Also, the phone is likely to carry the GT-i9500x model number.

The next few months will be exciting/frustrating. Are you ready for the Galaxy S4 ride?

Bams Sadewo
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