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We told you a few days ago that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to be released in early May in India. Now, have some more details regarding its availability and price.

Starting with the first bit of information, TechOne3 reports that the Galaxy S4 is scheduled to hit store shelves on May 1 in the country. This according to a listing of the handset on Tradus, which has begun taking pre-order for the Galaxy S4. Both the White Frost and Black Mist variants are listed there.

The 16GB model of the phone is offered for Rs. 45,000, though it could be just a placeholder price, considering that Samsung has yet to formally announce its price. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in grabbing the phone from the website, you’ll have the shell out Rs. 999 for the initial payment.

As for the processor that the phone will ship with, expect to see the Indian variant sporting the octa-core Exynos 5 chip, with the Snapdragon 600 version possibly to follow later in the year.

So, what do you think of the price? Will you be getting one? Drop some comments below.

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