Korean publication DDaily reported Thursday morning sourcing industry insiders that Samsung will be adding floating gesture controls to the Galaxy S4. The company will be using Atmel’s maXTouch S controllers, which will allow the user to navigate the interface without touching the screen.

A good example of this tech is in the Galaxy Note 2. Moving your hand over your Note 2’s proximity sensor will turn on the display showing bits of helpful information such as time, battery levels and messages. While it gives you a good idea, floating gestures on the touch screen will work a bit differently. In fact, it seems like it will function like a mouse.

With a mouse you hover over various elements on a page for information. Sometimes you’ll even click to go to another page with more information. That’s exactly what these floating gestures will be like if the Xperia Sola with floating touch is anything to go by.

While this tech would be somewhat new in the Galaxy S4, it opens up a lot of possibilities down the road. Since this hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung just yet, it should be labeled as rumor and treated as such. We’d still love to see this technology integrated in the Galaxy S4 though!

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