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Earlier today, we’ve shown you a new report supposedly coming from a trusted connection of Sam Mobile, which claimed that the Galaxy S4 would first become available in the first days of April. Since then, a second report has emerged that lends some weight to the early April launch hypothesis.

The new report originates from the Korean DDaily website, which announced that Samsung has commenced manufacturing the 5-inch full HD display that will equip the Galaxy S4. For now, we know that the 1920 x 1080 panel will likely be built on AMOLED technology, with Samsung reportedly adopting a novel sub-pixel arrangement matrix that features hexagonal or diamond-shaped subpixels.

According to DDaily, Samsung will undertake display manufacturing in February, followed by the actual assembly of the Galaxy S4 in March. Considering the time that Samsung needs to build up supply for a major launch like the Galaxy S4, the early April launch date is certainly feasible.

As a reminder, the latest rumors suggest that Samsung will hold an Unpacked event on March 15, probably in the United States. The precise location of the event is “top secret” for the moment.

If Samsung manages to carry out this plan, the Galaxy S4 will become available in the first markets almost two months sooner than the Galaxy S3 did last year. This bodes well for Samsung, who is trying to get to the market faster with its new flagship, in an attempt to sway as many customers as possible before Apple launches the iPhone 5S.

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