samsung galaxy s4 teaser header

Who’s up for a new round of Samsung Galaxy S4-related rumors? Well, who isn’t? Especially that there are so many mysteries left to be revealed with only a little over 24 hours to go until the official announcement.

Unfortunately, we can’t put together many key pieces of the puzzle today either. In fact, if anything,  this report will tangle things even further.

You know how there’s always been an uncertainty surrounding the processor or processors Samsung is to equip the GS4 with, right?

And you know how some “rock solid” sources told us a single S4 version for all was planned with an Exynos 5 Octa inside, while others, theoretically equally as reliable, served us a whole different story – that there was going to be both an Exynos variant and a Snapdragon 600 one.

Heck, we even heard Sammy was thinking of packing all S4s with Snapdragon chips and leave the company’s Exynos platform aside, although, to be honest, we didn’t buy that for a second.

Galaxy S4 benchmark

Well, a new AnTuTu benchmark has been uncovered and shows traces of both chips. Inside the same model of the phone. Of course, such a thing is impossible, so it’s all either a misunderstanding or a fake. Then again, the whole thing is hilarious, don’t you think?

The model number of this alleged benchmarked S4 is GT-I9505, the presumed LTE-enabled international version. The CPU hardware: Samsung line in the system info would have been a clear indication of an Exynos processor, but you can see the CPU model is listed as a quad-core ARMv7 (not octa-core, not quad-core A15 and quad-core A7).

Furthermore, the GPU vendor is listed as Qualcomm, while the GPU model is Adreno 320 and not PowerVR SGX 544. What a mess!

Weighing everything in, there seem to be more signs of a Snapdragon 600 CPU than an Exynos 5 Octa inside the GT-I9505. But does that mean all S4 versions are to in fact pack Qualcomm chips? Perhaps, but we’re still not biting.

Galaxy S4 benchmark-2

After all, who’s to say this benchmark is legit in the first place? All we have are screenshots from an anonymous source. And if we do some digging, that AnTuTu score doesn’t even line up with previously leaked benchmarks. So let’s call it a fake for the moment and stop racking our brains to explain the inconsistencies, shall we?

In other news, EE has confirmed on Twitter “the next Galaxy” is headed to the UK with 4G LTE speeds. Like there was ever any doubt about that.

Remember, we’ll be on the ground tomorrow in New York City at the Galaxy S4 unveiling, and, as usual, we promise you the most epic and exclusive coverage on the web. Even if the S4 were to come in a single Snapdragon flavor. Which it won’t. Who’s psyched?