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Another Samsung Galaxy S4 benchmark emerges, plus a couple of Picasa photos

What, did you really thought that, just because it was the weekend, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 was going to take a break from its rumor bonanza?
February 16, 2013
Galaxy S4

What, did you really think that, just because it was the weekend, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 was going to take a break from its rumor bonanza? Well, guess again, because “the next big thing” (you know, the one that isn’t actually here yet) is today capturing the headlines with not one, but two new leaks.

We have 1. a new AnTuTu benchmark test starring the presumed LTE-enabled version of the GS4 and 2. a couple of sample photos we think were snapped with the phone based on their EXIF data.

This is actually the second time an S4 is taken through the AnTuTu hoops, but, unlike back January, the new benchmark seems to show there’s a 1.9 GHz CPU inside the beast and not a 1.8. It’s not that big of a deal, but apparently the superior clocking speed does add quite a bit of oomph.

Galaxy-S4 Antutu

The first AnTuTu scores were of around 20,000 points, while the new one goes over the 24,000 mark quite easily, so I think we can all agree this is a welcomed performance boost. Especially when comparing the new score with some of the existent competition.

According to, the only devices around capable of (barely) going over 20,000 points are the Asus Padfone 2 and HTC’s J Butterfly. Meanwhile, the GNote 2, which you can’t really call a pushover, is listed at 17,500.

Unfortunately, the new AnTuTu leak can’t fully solve the mystery of S4’s CPU. The 1.9 GHz clock speed has been thrown around a lot lately, so it’s almost a certainty, but is the chip an Exynos Quad, a Snapdragon S4 Pro or a Snapdragon 600? No way to know, but our money is still on door number three.

S4 Picasa

Meanwhile, we’re quite sure the GT-I9505 model number is legit for the LTE flavor of the S4 and Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean will be buttering up the device’s software.

As for the Picasa snapshots, they’re there, they’re square and that’s pretty much all there is to it. The EXIF data clearly shows they belong to Samsung’s GT-I9505, but you know how easy it can be to fake the whole thing.

S4 Picasa-2

The device’s firmware is listed as I9505XXEAMB8, while the resolution is in both cases at 2,322 x 4,128 pixels. There are a few other technical details about ISO, exposure and so on, but nothing that can clear up the number of megapixels crammed in the phone’s cam or anything else of real importance. Rumor has it the S4 will come with a 13 MP rear-facing shooter.

Okay, guys, that’s it for today, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the Galaxy S4 saga were to get a new chapter by Monday. Oh, well, it’s not like we have anything else to do than eat Android for breakfast, lunch and dinner.