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Samsung Galaxy S4 is the first device to support Verizon's AWS network, just needs software update

Today Verizon's VP of network support confirmed to Bloomberg that all the Galaxy S4 needs for AWS support is a similar software update.
May 28, 2013
samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one s4 in hand aa

Verizon might have been a little late to the party with the Galaxy S4, but the GS4 is certainly one phone worth the wait. Not only does it have solid specs under the hood, but it is also the first handset that will support Verizon’s upcoming AWS network.

While we’ve known since March that the Galaxy S4 will support AWS, today Verizon’s VP of network support confirmed to Bloomberg that the device only needs a simple software update in order to activate the components inside the phone.

So what’s AWS all about? The “Advanced Wireless service” spectrum will allow Verizon to expand the capacity of its LTE network, and as an added bonus is reportedly able to achieve double the speed of Verizon’s current LTE service.

Now you might be wondering exactly when AWS will be turned on, and where. Verizon hopes to start turning on support to several major cities like New York in the next few months. Outside of larger cities, the rollout will happen slowly, similar to Verizon’s rollout of its original LTE network.

Verizon also plans to release new devices that support the AWS spectrum later this year, likely sometime this summer. In the meantime, it’s great to see that Verizon and Samsung ensured that the handset would be future-proof and ready to go when AWS starts rolling out.