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JK Shin: Galaxy S4 has sold over 40 million units so far

According to Samsung's JK Shin, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has now managed to sell over 40 million units worldwide. Keep reading for more details!
October 23, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S4

You’ve heard the song and dance before: “Samsung’s plastic design is old and tired. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 isn’t selling as well because of it”. Rumors about poor Galaxy S4 sales are nothing new, with the first predictions showing up in June.

Throughout all the negative rumors, Samsung’s CEO JK Shin has denied that the Galaxy S4 was having any trouble selling, and even unofficially revealed that the device had managed to sell 20 million devices in just two months on the market. In contrast, it took the Galaxy S3 one hundred days to reach the same number.

It’s possible that Samsung really did have even higher numbers in mind for the GS4, but 40 million devices is nothing to sneeze at.

This should have laid all the negative rumors to bed, but more recently we have heard that the Galaxy S4 sales have slowed down and that the GS5 may be released as early as February due to Samsung’s disappointment with the GS4’s sales.

With the Galaxy S4 nearing its sixth month on the market, how well is the device really doing? According to JK Shin, things are still going fairly strong. Speaking to the Korean media, Shin revealed that the Galaxy S4 has managed to sell over 40 million devices worldwide. Keep in mind that figure doesn’t include the many GS4 variants out there such as the Active, Zoom and Mini.

Putting this figure into perspective, last year the Samsung Galaxy S3 sold 30 million devices after just six months on market. At a gain of 10 million, the GS4 is clearly doing pretty well.

It’s possible that Samsung really did have even higher numbers in mind for the GS4, but 40 million units sold is nothing to sneeze at – especially considering increased competition this year from devices like Sony’s Xperia Z and the HTCOne.

What do you think, are you surprised to see Samsung hit the 40 million mark? Did you think it would be higher? Lower? Share your thoughts in the comments.