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Samsung Galaxy S3 compared to HTC One X – a video review

June 2, 2012
galaxy s3 vs htc one x video review

Both the Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X are beautiful pieces of gear, no doubt. Both are powered by powerful chips and both lead the benchmark rankings. Both are built with utmost attention to detail, by the two most prestigious Android manufacturers in the world.

So, how could one pick a side in this epic battle? How can one say, with confidence, that the Galaxy S3 is superior to the One X, or the other way? Taking sides it’s hard to do, especially since doing so will bring upon you the ire of countless fans of the “losing” side. But we did it anyway in our Galaxy S3 vs. One X review, that we published just hours after we first got our hands on Samsung’s new hero device.

Now, our Sam Cater has taken again to comparing the two titans of the 2012 Android lineup, this time on video. Check it out below – Sam pitches the One X and the Galaxy S3 in a 7 minute review that will take you through many of the essential aspects of the phone. You’ll see how the two quad-cores fare against each other, from booting times to launching apps, to navigating the user interfaces.

You’ll get to hear the difference in the audio output of the two devices and see which one does better at taking snapshots. Sam even succinctly compares the Ice Cream Sandwich implementations of HTC and Samsung – Sense and TouchWiz.

After watching the video, you might reach the same conclusion I did. It’s all a matter of feeling. It’s so hard to discern between the S3 and the HTC One X that most buyers will end up making an emotional decision, instead of a rational one. Personally, I think that the One X looks and feels better, but I wouldn’t look down on anybody for choosing the Galaxy S3. They are that close.

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