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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S - no contest here, folks

May 4, 2012
I’m sure you’re all hungering after this! A comparison between Samsung’s new Flagship phone, the Galaxy S3, and Apple’s iPhone 4S.


Screen Size

The screen of the iPhone is laughable when compared next to the Samsung Galaxy S3. The iPhone may have it’s ‘Retina Display’, but the high resolution of the SGS3 spread over 4.8inches is even more lovely to look at. Apple should understand that big screens are what people want and studies have proven this.


The iPhone 4S has less inside it, but weighs more! Samsung have set another marker in pioneering light smartphones with even more hardware stuffed inside them. I love that the SGS3 can have the battery removed and an SD card inserted! It means that third party batteries like those from Magellan can be installed for extra power. Also, the whole affair of rooting the SGS3 will be easier when you have removable storage. In my opinion lack of removable storage is a flaw of the One X. Unibody  construction may look impressive, but what is the real point besides a ‘no edge’ finish? Alright, but let’s stay focused on the S3 vs iPhone, shall we?


While the camera in the SGS3 may not appear to be much better than the iPhone 4S’ camera megapixel wise — there are a few features thrown in with it that certainly make it a few steps better. The first is Burst Shot – The phone captures images at a rate of 3.3/second and then chooses the best picture of a set for you. The second is the Zero Shutter lag feature – quick snaps! The last, and my personal favourite, is the ability to identify people within your photos and be able to easily send them a copy. It’s a great idea, and sharing is something that the Samsung has baked into every aspect of what is contained within the S3.


I think everyone who has seen the pictures agree – S-Voice is a Siri lookalike. It’s Samsung’s attempt at showing off their speech recognition technology alongside Apple’s. They could have changed the design a little more though. Besides the very Siri-looking interface, it seems to mostly be a booster on the voice services that came with the Galaxy S2 I found that S-Voice worked fine for me, then again so does Siri. Have Samsung improved on Voice Recognition in the areas Apple slipped up? We’ll know soon enough.


Samsung have introduced quite a few new features and standards for other smartphone manufactures to attempt to beat. These include:

  • Pop-Up Play – The ability to continue watching a video whilst also web browsing through a floating window.
  • Burst Shot – Whilst HTC have something very similar in the One series, the software doesn’t automatically decide on the best photo.
  • Zero Shutter Lag on both the rear and front cameras.
  • S-Beam – A combination of NFC and Wi-Fi sharing with compatible devices.
  • GLONASS support in the location system
  • Eye Detection – So the phone knows when to turn itself off. That is the bee’s knees.
  • Bluetooth 4.0(LE)
  • …oh and a Barometer.

I like the sound of every single one of these. As far as I can recall, the iPhone 4S doesn’t have any frills like these?

Spec Comparison 

Drop/Durability Test

Final Thoughts

So all in all and in my opinion, the Samsung Galaxy S3 stands above the iPhone 4S and laughs at it. It is far thinner, lighter and delivers more for your money. In terms of the user experience, the fluidity of operation, the feature set, and in virtually every area that counts, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is light years ahead of Apple’s profitable darling.

How about you? What are your thoughts? Is the S3 too much phone? Does it stand tall when compared next to the S3? Let us know!