Samsung Galaxy S3

Recently we reported that Verizon subscribers were starting to see Jelly Bean rollout to the Samsung Galaxy S3. Following on Verizon’s heels, US Cellular has also starting roll out an update for the Galaxy S3.

The announcement came from US Cellular’s Facebook page earlier today. That said, not all customers will see it right away, as it will likely take a few days to completely make its way to all S3 owners.

So what’s new? Jelly Bean includes tons of improvements such as Google Now, Project butter speed improvements,enhanced notifications and much more.

In most cases an update notification should appear when the download is ready for you, but it’s never a bad idea to check manually under “Check for Updates” in the system settings.

Any US Cellular customers get the update yet? If so did the experience go smoothly for you?

Andrew Grush
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