After using the Samsung Galaxy S3 as my primary mobile device for a couple of days now, I’m quite confident to say that Apple has all the reason to be wary of Sammy’s latest flagship device. The Galaxy S3 definitely has what it takes to pull the iPhone 4S down any given mobile tracking charts. In both design and performance the Galaxy S3  can easily match up what the iPhone 4S has been offering. And we all better accept that, regardless of whether we are sitting on the Android or iOS bench.

As an example of how hot of a mobile device the Samsung Galaxy S3 is right now, mobile site has announced that the device has dislodged the iPhone 4S from the top of its Tech Mobile Tracker. The white edition of the iPhone 4S has been sitting on top of the charts for quite some time now, only to be toppled by the growing anticipation, excitement and exhiliration over the Samsung Galaxy S3. Interestingly, before the iPhone 4S reached the top spot, the Galaxy S2 used to be on its position.

Although, this is just a minor statistic and does not really tell the big picture, it does give us a preview of what’s to arrive in the coming days. Five US mobile carriers have already made their announcement regarding the availability of the Galaxy S3 this month. Pre-orders for the device have been surging on a daily basis, online seaches for the whereabouts of the device and initial sales in May – have all contributed to the Galaxy S3’s ascend into uSwitch’s mobile tracking list.

We have yet to see whether mobile users will embrace what the mobile carriers have to offer. One thing is for sure: if the Samsung Galaxy S3 manages to beat the iPhone 4S in terms of sales figures, Apple better come up with something better in the iPhone 5. Otherwise, it can kiss its stronghold in the smartphone market goodbye.