Are you ready for some more rumors about the next line of Samsung Galaxy S Android phones? Well we don’t any new ones for you yet, we are going to go over what is most likely going to be in the Samsung Galaxy S3. We’ve been seeing rumors of the Galaxy S3 since late last year, and they have been getting stronger and multiplying ever since. Last year the Galaxy S2 was announced at Mobile World Congress which is set to take place next month from Barcelona and we are expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy S3 make an appearance this year.

Samsung Galaxy S3, HD or 3D?

The big question, will the Galaxy S3 be 3D or HD? We just saw Samsung and AT&T launch the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket HD at CES earlier this month which has a 4.65-inch and 720p resolution display. It’s much more likely we will see an HD phone whether then a 3D device. We haven’t heard to much about 3D since the hype about HTC’s EVO 3D went away, So here’s to hoping for an HD device from Samsung.

Gingerbread of Ice Cream Sandwich?

I would really hope it comes with Ice Cream Sandwich and not Gingerbread. At CES we were expecting to see some phones with Ice Cream Sandwich launching, but the only ones we saw would not be out anytime soon. With Ice Cream Sandwich being announced last October, I’d expect for Samsung to give their Galaxy S3 a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich to go with their Touchwiz User Interface. But Gingerbread isn’t to bad, it’s still way ahead of the technology on other smartphone platforms like Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

Dual or Quad Core?

This is the big one, is Samsung going to put in a Dual-core Exynos processor or a Quad-core Exynos processor? Many of us are hoping for a quad-core, we always want more power right? I think the more important issue is which one works better with the battery? As long as the phone runs fast like the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch on Sprint does, I am happy with dual-core as long as the battery is adequate to last the entire day.

1 or 2GB of Memory

Most phones are coming standard with 1GB of RAM these days, except for HTC they are still putting only 768MB of RAM in their phones with their heavy skin, Sense. But will we see a boost in the amount of RAM the Korean manufacturer of the Galaxy S lineup puts in their third generation of Galaxy S Android phones? If we see quad-core processor I believe we will see a boost to 1.5GB or maybe 2GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Pricing and Release Date

For the most part I am expecting the same pricing that we saw on the Galaxy S2 lineup. As far as release dates, if the latest rumors about the Galaxy S3 being a no show at MWC this year are any indication it looks like Samsung wants to make a smoother launch and launch the International and US versions together. Last year the International version was released many months before it was released on Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile.

Opinions? What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy S3 so far? I am really hoping the renders we’ve seen lately are fake, with the screen going all the way to the edge with no bezel? It just looks odd, but I guess we could all get used to it right? We always want more screen real estate. Let us know in the comments what you think.


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