Despite being launched just five months ago internationally (back in May 2012) and four months ago in the US (back in June 2012), the Samsung Galaxy S3 has already sold more than 20 million units globally, and is already the best selling Android smartphone of all time, with Samsung expecting to sell 30 million Samsung Galaxy S3 units by this year’s end.

Although some might expect Galaxy S3 sales to slow down as other Android flagships emerge on the consumer market (iPhone 5, Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 2, etc), the reality is that the S3 is still selling like hot cakes on its way to breaking new sale records. In fact, some reports claim that Apple’s launch of the iPhone 5 has only fueled up an increase in Galaxy S3 sales, as many former iPhone fans have declared themselves disappointed by Apple’s latest efforts in the smartphone market.

Back to the Galaxy S3 breaking sales records, this time I’m here to report on a recent tweet from T-Mobile (the fourth carrier in the US ranked by number of subscribers), one that acknowledges the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the best selling device to ever reach its physical and virtual shelves.

Here’s the actual tweet from the official T-Mobile twitter channel, posted this last Friday:

While we’re not surprised to see an Android smartphone topping the T-Mobile sales charts (given that T-Mobile has never carried an iPhone – and we all know that Apple’s line of smartphones is the most commercially successful line on every carrier that it has ever landed), it is sort of surprising to see the Galaxy S3 overthrow its older brother – the Samsung Galaxy S2 – as the best selling device, despite the fact that the latter has been available for purchase for roughly a year already.

It looks like Samsung has found the perfect recipe for a blockbuster Android smartphone in the name and shape of the Galaxy S3. Where can they take it from here? Will Samsung’s most recent flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, be able to top these record sales? Only time will tell for sure, but if you feel like it, you can take a shot at predicting the future in the comment section below!

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