As the Galaxy S3 makes its landing in more countries, Samsung has decided to treat the Android community with a sweet present, by making the phone’s source code available on the company’s Open Source Release Center website.

You can download the 180MB file of the source code right here. Along with the international GT-I9300 model, Samsung has also provided an updated source file for three additional models of the Galaxy S3 released in other regions. If you have the GT-I9300 MEA, GT-I9300 SEA and GT-I9300 models, the additional 1.2MB update is also ready for download.

You’ve had time to marvel at the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy S3 for a good while. With the source code in the open, you can start tinkering with the phone’s software. It’s time for devs community to get busy and work their magic to deliver the amazing creations we got used to.

Samsung has been a rather exemplary figure when it comes to giving developers and modders something to play with. Who says Android phone makers can’t have their cake and eat it too? The Korean company, along with several noted others, have proven that releasing the source code of their phones won’t be a detrimental factor to sales.

Bams Sadewo
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