With most smartphone manufacturers reluctant to release exact sales figures broken down by devices, there isn’t much we can use to find out what are the most popular and successful gadgets around. We could look at blog reviews, but these sometimes reflect the opinions of people with a very vast technical expertise, which, let’s be honest, is not the case of most regular users.

What about some weekly ranking charts where normal people and “experts” can express their opinions separately? Does it sound relevant and trustworthy enough? We think it does, which is why we are looking today at the results of the “People’s Choice Chart” and “Mobile Tech Expert’s Chart” in PhoneDog Media’s Official Smartphone Rankings.

Both those charts have the exact same leader right now, which is… drumrolls, please… Samsung’s Galaxy S3. Surprised? Probably not, as we’ve been saying for a while: Sammy’s super-phone is the best ever mobile device.

What could surprise you however is the distance between the S3 and the secondly ranked phone in the “People’s choice” chart. Samsung’s flagship has been voted by 339 people in the last week, while HTC’s One X, the current number two in the smartphone galaxy (no pun intended), has only won 95 votes. That is rough, ladies and gents, but it perfectly illustrates the huge popularity the S3 enjoys right now, and the gap between itself and the so-called competition.

In the “Expert’s choice” chart, the Galaxy S3 doesn’t hold such a comfortable lead however, having gained 30 points during the last week, with only two “lengths” ahead of the HTC One X. Three “experts” chose the S3 as the best phone around, while another three saw it as the second best gadget. Interestingly enough, Samsung’s flagship seems like a love or hate device, with seven experts ranking it in their top three, but with nobody giving it the number one or two position. The One X, on the other hand, was voted in their “top five” by ten experts, with two of them placing it as number one.

The Galaxy S3 has been ranked number one by both regular tech users and experts for seven weeks now, proving once again that it’ll be very tough for anyone to steal the spotlight from this uber-phone anytime soon.

As for the rest of the rankings, the people have voted the “global” Galaxy Nexus as the third best phone, with Apple’s iPhone 4S following in fourth and the Nokia Lumia 900 wrapping up the top five. Experts see the iPhone 4S as the third best phone around, with the global S3 in fourth position and the global Nexus in fifth.

Other ranked Android gadgets in both charts include the likes of the Galaxy Note (6 and 13), the Droid Razr Maxx (7 and 7), HTC EVO 4G LTE (8 and 6), HTC One S (9 and 8) and even the Atrix HD (11 and 9).

The race for the best phone around will surely be heating up real soon, with LG and HTC expected to release some real contenders at Galaxy S3’s reign. The Galaxy Note 2 might itself get involved in the race, even though it isn’t technically a phone, while the iPhone 5, as much as it pains us to say it, will also be a device to watch for.

Before anything though, we would love to hear from you guys on the subject of the best smartphone on today’s market. Is the S3 your favorite too? And is everyone else so far behind Samsung’s “beast”?