Galaxy S3

Yanking Apple’s chain is fun and all, but there comes a time when you just have to be the bigger man and move on. We’re not sure that’s entirely Samsung’s case just yet, but at least one of the latest Galaxy S3 ads is less about iPhones, iPads and iMaps and more about the S3.

And about Santa. And about the magic of Christmas. And, we think, a bit about the effects of alcohol on folks dressed up like Santa during Christmas. Confused? Well, it’ll all make sense after hitting play and watching the video clip below.

Warning : video not suitable for children or anyone that still believes in Santa Claus. Not that we’re saying Santa doesn’t exist. Or that he does and he’s a total klutz, with the athletic abilities of a 100 year-old mythical figure. Oh, the heck with it, just check out the clip and tell us if you prefer this marketing approach to the Apple-offensive one.