A JPMorgan analyst was quoted by French newspaper Les Echos saying that Samsung sold 6.5 million Galaxy S3 devices in Q2, which is mostly June and another two days of May, since the Galaxy S3 was launched on May 29. That amounts to about 5 million units per month, or about five times better than the Galaxy Note, one of Samsung’s other highly successful products.

The Galaxy S3 is definitely Samsung’s most successful Android product yet, considering that the Galaxy S2, their previous record holding Android device, sold “only” 10 million within the first 6 months, and the original Galaxy S sold half of that (5 million) in the same time frame. The Galaxy S3 is looking to sell more than twice as fast as the Galaxy S2, with a predicted 20+ million units in just 4 months.

Does this mean the Galaxy S4 will get over 40 million units in its first 6 months? It’s certainly possible, if Samsung keeps doing all the right things, and keeps building on their past success with the Galaxy S series. But what is it that made the Galaxy S3 so successful in the first place?

First off, the Galaxy S3 kept in line with the Galaxy S series tradition of having some of the best hardware on the market, including the processor (Samsung’s Exynos chips somehow keep ending up the best on the market when they launch), the camera, and its 720p 4.8″ Super AMOLED display.

The display is controversial, because of its Pentile Matrix for the sub-pixel arrangement, but thanks to the super deep blacks of the Super AMOLED, it will still be considered the best display on the market by many people when they first set their eyes on it.

Having the best hardware is not the only factor that helped the Galaxy S3 become so popular. Samsung also managed to build a lot of buzz around the launch of the Galaxy S3, which basically made everyone hold off from buying a phone until they saw the Galaxy S3.

The fact that Samsung has built this kind of predictability around their Galaxy S phones, that makes people wait for the “next Galaxy S” device every year, something that only Apple has done so far, has certainly helped Sammy a lot, and it’s what will make even more people wait for the Galaxy S4 next year.

Hopefully, HTC and others will learn the same lessons, because although Samsung is a great mobile company right now, I wouldn’t be comfortable with just them and Apple owning the market. Competition always makes things better.

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