It seems like only yesterday we were hearing the news that the Samsung Galaxy S3 had surpassed the 10 million sales mark. It took less than two months for Samsung’s Android flagship to hit that milestone. Now, less than two months on, we hear that the best Android smartphone on the market right now has sold 20 million units. So, 100 days after release, Samsung has managed to sell 20 million Galaxy S3 handsets.

Anyone who thought defeat in the US patent case against Apple would put a dent in Samsung’s popularity was obviously wrong. The Galaxy S3 has clearly kept up its momentum and is selling three times faster than the S2 and six times faster than the original Galaxy S. They racked up sales of 28 million and 24 million respectively, so we can safely assume the S3 will surpass them both.

Samsung broke down the numbers further and revealed sales were 6 million in Europe, 4.5 million in Asia, 4 million in North America, and 2.5 million in South Korea.

How long can it continue to sell 200,000 Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets per day? There are certainly plenty of competitors on the horizon, including Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 2. We’ve also seen new releases from Nokia and Motorola this week and it’s Amazon’s turn later today ahead of Apple’s new iPhone unveiling next week.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 certainly has its work cut out if it wants to stay top dog in the smartphone market, but we think it will be there a while longer.

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