With dozens of supposed leaks, rumors, and speculations swirling around the Samsung Galaxy S3, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, the expectations that build up over the upcoming superphone are tremendous. Besides repeatedly negating the various rumors about the Galaxy S3, Samsung did little to feed the hype or to temper it down. All we’ve got was a vague assurance that the S3 will come in the first part of the year.

But now, we finally have official news from a high-powered Samsung executive (one with a name, unlike the many anonymous, yet chatty Samsung execs cited by the rumor mill so far) concerning the launch date of the Galaxy S3. More precisely, the Senior Vice President of Samsung China, Kim Young-Ha, told reporters that Samsung is considering moving the launch event of the Galaxy S3 from May to April.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S3 launch event in April?

The Korean honcho made this affirmation in a discussion with the Chinese press, concerning the Korean’s strategy in the largest mobile market of the world. By the way, Samsung is doing pretty well in China, boasting more than 24% market share, which is three times the share of arch-rival Apple.

Previously, Samsung has vigorously denied that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be announced in April, and indeed, Kim Young-Ha told the press that the initial plan pegged a May launch event (which would be closer to the actual availability of the phone, the Koreans’ publicly assumed goal).

Now, something seems to made the tech giant step up its game. We can only speculate what that factor (or factors) is. Perhaps, Samsung managed to conclude launch preparations sooner than it initially expected or the manufacturing process (always important, but crucial when dealing with a blockbuster like the upcoming Galaxy S3) has gone smoother than predicted.

Anyway, we now have a solid (finally!) piece of information on the release date of Galaxy S3: it will be in April, or, in the worst case (although unlikely, if the Samsung president felt he could speak publicly about it) in May.

So, gear up, folks, the Samsung Galaxy S3 may be just a month away.